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FROM: Ric & Liz
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Dear Spiritual Seeker,
We are writing this quickly as we want to make sure you have a chance to get one of these incredible Mala Necklaces boxed up and shipped to you for FREE today...
But we have to make sure you understand what this can actually do for you, and why you should have one of these as a part of your spiritual practice right at this very moment (if you don’t already)…
Time is clicking away already on this so we are just going to give you the “quick download” on what this Mala really is and how to use it…
As well as what it will do for you when you use it properly (don’t worry we will include full instructions)…
And why you want to make sure you reserve one of these very special “spiritual tools” today. 
Here's a brief introduction..
In ancient history, Pi Xiu is the Ninth Son of the Dragon..
An Auspicious and powerful Celestial Creature That Bring Great Fortune!
Particularly influential and auspicious, it is definitely a creature for wealth with a voracious appetite towards only gold and silver!

Pi Xiu is also known as the Emperor’s Treasure because it was used for guarding the fortunes of the emperors in the past.
In the olden days, Pi Xiu was devoted as guardian of the fortune and placed in palaces and homes of high officials because of its ability to drive away evil and bring good luck.
It is also said to have the power to assist anyone suffering from bad Feng Shui due to having offended the Grand Duke Jupiter/Tai Sui (太岁). 
Why Do You NEED This?
For Starter...
Once you own a Pi Xiu, it will protect you with its life because you are his owner. It is a very powerful fortune and wealth enhancer because it can summon fortune and find 'Benefactor' for their master.
It generates good Feng Shui and can guard your house and family members from evil spirits or catastrophes!
Not only also ensures good health to everyone in the house!
It is a symbol of authority and power, thus you will enjoy the same status and influence when you place it at an auspicious position on your office desk or have you wore around you daily.
Isn't it wonderful?
This Auspicious Charm is EXACTLY what you need right now to boost your wealth, Luck and bring in good health for you and your loved one!
We Will Pay ALL The Shipping On ANY Mala Mantra Package Ordered Today…
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PLUS…for every necklace ordered today, we’ll include instructions for how to use your Mala and your Crystal Bowl Mala Chant Meditation to imbue your Mala with healing energy for your Root you can wear it and feel strong and fearless every day…
IF you can click the button below and secure your necklace
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We want everyone who needs to cure their Root Chakra to be able to easily and affordably have access to this extremely powerful and satisfying way to achieve strength, balance, and happiness in their lives…
So, that’s why we found a way to bring this beautiful Mala to you at this price, FREE of shipping. It’s pretty much the easiest decision you’ll probably make today! ;-)
But PLEASE don’t wait too long.
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