Author's Book for rapid fat burning

Book consists from 2 Nutrition Systems, 2 Training Systems, and 3 special workouts with videos:
• “Juli's Anti–Cellulite Treatment Nutrition System”
• “Juli's Sport - Elite Nutrition System”
• “Juli's Anti-Cellulite Training System “
• “Juli's Growth Hormone Release Training System“
Also you will get:
• All videos for newbies, pro and elite body builders.
• Workout guide .

"Everybody  can fight Cellulite and Obesity.
You just don’t know how……So…….
Use my books, contact me, follow my lead
and get slim, strong and successful.


98$  39$

Revolutionary & Healthy “Juli's Anti–Cellulite System” guarantees:

• Strongest weight loss process when using my Treatment Nutrition System.
• Best Cellulite removal, even at a very advanced stage.
• My system can fight all three tips of fat :
• Cellulite , Visceral fat in abdomen, Subcutaneous fat.
• Completely solves the Obesity problem and maintains a stable weight loss result.
• Removal of fluid from the Excessive Cellulite Zones.
• Restoration of the Endocrine Profile in obese people.
• Getting rid of the large stomach that is the result of Hormonal Dysregulations and the deposition of Visceral Fat.
• A colossal rejuvenation of the organism at the cellular level.
• The sharp acceleration of Metabolic Conversion,
• The sharp decline in blood sugar level.
• The sharp decrease in cholesterol in the blood.
• A sharp decrease in Hormone Insulin in the blood, which leads to stabilization of weight loss processes and to getting rid of the tendency to Diabetes.

Your main goals:

• Having purchased my book you will be able to have me like your personal guide absolutely for free. All next month you can contact me to get my professional advises and I will be happy to make your process of transformation much more easier and comfortable for you.
You will get 20 videos with all exercises, with right technique and with all necessary explanations. Using my videos you will beable to perform Anti- Cellulite and Strength workouts properly. All videos are attached to the book and you will be able to download them instantly.
• If you want to order your personal Meal - Plan or personal Training Plan for gaining muscles or body drying , you can contact me :

What's included in the 
“Juli's Anti - Cellulite  System”

Book Description

BOOK 1 : Motivation:

 Having read my Motivation book you will understand the main difference of my healthy and advanced Nutrition System from another Short Term ineffective and harmful diets with calorie deficit.

 You will get explanation about the occurrence of Cellulite cells and Cellulite stagnant zones

 I will tell you about all types of fat, including Visceral fat in abdomen, Subcutaneous fat and Cellulite as well.

 You will understand why you had no chance to fight cellulite using traditional short-term diets and why you will be able to fight it using my revolutionary Anti- Cellulite Nutrition and Training System.

BOOK 2 “What's Cellulite”

 Cellulite is an unsolved problem for lots of people.This problem occurs in society because all short term systems and diets, offered to you, are incapable to deal with Cellulite , which is the result of hormonal dysregulation.

 I was studding Biochemistry for many years in order to fight Cellulite, and desire of helping people to deal with this problem prompted me to write this book. In this book you will receive all my knowledges, all my hard work for many years and all my great experience like a trainer and fit model, who needs to display lean muscle body every day without rest.

 I collected all my knowledges in one book, and going to be your guide in dealing with Cellulite.

BOOK 3 : Juli's Anti–Cellulite Nutrition System:

In this book you find two unique systems:
 “Juli's Anti–Cellulit Nutrition System” - for rapid fat burnin

 “Juli's Sport - Elite Nutrition System” – for permanent and healthy lifestyle.

 Both systems are revolutionary, indispensable and can create your permanent, healthy lifestyle.

 My “Juli's Anti–Cellulit Nutrition System” was created by me before competition, which allowed me to get lean muscles without exhausted unhealthy diets and drugs.

BOOK 4 : Juli's Anti-Cellulite Training System

 In this book I will be your own Fitness Guide and yourpersonal trainer. You will be able to use in full all my professional advices and my great experience in dealing with Cellulite.

 My exclusive and unique “Anti-cellulite System” oftraining will double your results from using my Nutrition System and help younot only to get slim and fight cellulite, but to increase your lean muscle massand get stronger.

 You will receive my exclusive Author's Strength Workouts for Growth Hormone Release (High andMedium level). This unique system should completely change your body and youwill be able to relish your own relief muscles and your slim perfect body. 

Juli's strength workouts for rapid fat burning

High Level Training Video

Purchasing my book, you will receive 8 videos with high level training for free

If you haveexperience in sport life, and if you want to enhance your athletic performanceand gain only lean muscle mass, you need to use my professional strengthworkouts for own Growth Hormone release. This system of strength workouts wascreated by me for natural sport without Steroids.

My system of strength workout performance willenable you to create strong slim body devoid of fat with lean muscle mass.


Purchasing my book, you will receive 6 videos for free.

If you are beginner, you will be able to start your sport life without problems. What you only need is to use my experience, my knowledge, my tips, my videos, and my desire to help you.

Offering myself like a guide, I want to enable you to achieve success in creation of your relief strong body without fat much quicker.


Purchasing my book, you will receive 6 videos with anti-cellulite training for free.

You will receive all my tips and explanations to the anti-cellulite technique of performance.

My author's technique of anti-cellulite training performance will lead you to a double result:
-       complete deliverance from cellulite
-      increasing of your endurance.

My author's technique of Anti-Cellulite training promotes the involving of stagnant cellulite zones in fat burning process.

Join my team and create your slim relief body of your dream.
Let me lead you in your struggle with yourself:
·     accept my help
·     and fight Cellulite forever

About Author

                                        Julia Petrushevska
                                  .Personal trainer and fitness model - Natural athlete
My book is your Personal Guide in your new lifestyle without cellulite and obesity.
My book is a dual weapon against Cellulite:
- One tool -  is my unique nutrition system, 
- Second tool - is my unique systems of trainings. 
⦿ Using only Nutrition System (without Training) you will be able to get rid from cellulite and obesity and create your slim body.
⦿ But using Nutrition and Training System simultaneously you will double the result and get relief and slim body of your dream.
The miserable price for my book implies that the money will not stand between you and your new perfect body.

So…. don’t hesitate, follow my lead 
and get slim and strong for all your life.

You are not sick – you just lead unhealthy lifestyle, imposed on you
by advertising and the society that makes money on your illnesses.
You eat food that promotes illness and Obesity,
you buy Fat Burners, which destroy your body even more,
and you are treated with pills for Hormonal Dysregulations,
but only get fat and sick.


98$  39$

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juli's fitness guide 

And You will understand why you had no chance to fight cellulite using traditional short term diets and why you will be able to fight it using my revolutionary Anti- Cellulite Nutrition and Training System